INOPRO: Intelligent orthotics and prosthetics

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    Tamim Asfour

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In INOPRO, personalized, intelligent prostheses and orthoses are being developed which have a higher degree of autonomy, enable symbiotic interaction with the human being, intuitive support and better adaptation to the human being, in order to significantly improve the quality of life of prosthesis and orthosis wearers.

The KIT is leading the subproject for the development of intelligent, personalized hand prostheses that are adapted to the user's needs in terms of size and functionality and are equipped with embedded machine intelligence that enables intuitive human-machine interaction while reducing the cognitive load on the user. To achieve this goal, research is being conducted on the seamless integration of intelligent mechanics, 3D manufacturing techniques, embedded systems and robust control with few, simple control signals. To increase the degree of autonomy of prostheses with respect to context-sensitive grasping, methods for low-dimensional representation of handles and data-driven learning of a handle library from human observation as well as algorithms for resource-efficient processing of visual data with artificial neural networks are investigated.

Furthermore, the KIT is involved in the development of novel controls for leg prostheses and orthoses. Thus, novel concepts for joints and mechanisms for the realization of synergistic coupling in the lower extremity are developed and methods for the classification of actions, data-driven estimation of the user's state based on multimodal sensory information, and context-sensitive control are investigated.