Recognition of foreign Study Achievements

Before submitting the application

Please compare the content of the relating H2T course with that of the course at the university to be attended and get an overview of similarities and possible differences.


Before the stay abroad

If the contents are comparable, you can fill out the corresponding form "Agreement for Recognition of Academic Achievements" ("Vereinbarung zur Anerkennung von Studienleistungen") and send it by e-mail to the H²T secretariat. You can obtain the form from the relevant faculty.


After the stay abroad

For the final decision on the recognition of the study achievements, conclusive documents on the acquired competence, on the basis of which the equivalence can be evaluated, are required. These documents include:

  • scripts, exercise sheets, slides as well as examinations
  • self-written programs
  • official transcript of grades or transcript
  • official proof for the conversion of ECTS and grade

After completing the study abroad, compile the above material and send it via email (link to a single zip file) to the H²T secretariat and copy to Professor Asfour (sekretariat∂ + cc asfour∂

Final approval will be given after a personal interview with Prof. Asfour. For this, it is assumed that you are familiar with the contents of the corresponding course at KIT. The appointment is to be made via the H²T secretariat.