Research at the H²T lab involves the following software projects:


  • RobotEditor: The RobotEditor is a modeling tool that allows to easily create models of scientific robots.
  • Das "Integrating Vision Toolkit (IVT)" a open source software library for machine vision.
  • Simox a lightweight toolbox for the 3D simulation of robots and sampling based motion and grasp planning.
  • ArmarX: A modular framework for the creation of modular and distributed robot control architectures.
  • Master Motor Map (MMM): A reference model of the human body, file formats and accompanying libraries for the generalization of human motions and mapping to robots.
  • Karlsruhe Head:
    Software and Setup instructions for the Karlsruher Head.
  • Deep Episodic Memory: A novel deep neural network architecture for representing robot experiences in an episodic-like memory which facilitates encoding, recalling and predicting action experiences.

 Some of the software projects developed at H²T can be found as open source in the H²T Gitlab profile.