Electronics design for exoskeletons

At H²T, we develop human-centered robotic systems in the form of humanoid robots, exoskeletons, and prostheses, including hardware specially tailored to the respective systems. Electronics play an important role here to record sensor data and control actuators. Embedded processors are also used, which can evaluate sensor data in real time and communicate with other components of the robot. 

We are looking for students interested in hardware to support us in the development of electronics and hardware, especially in the field of exoskeletons. 

Possible tasks are:

- Design and assembly of electronic circuits

- Layout of printed circuit boards (e.g. Altium Designer)

- Testing and debugging of circuits and systems

- Embedded programming (STM32)


Knowledge of design and construction of electronic circuits and programming of microcontrollers is required. 

Please enclose your CV and transcript of records with your application.